Stagecalls Theatre School, Exmouth 2010

I produce about 15 shows each year, but I have to say working with 'The Dream Dealer' has been one of the most enjoyable projects ever.  Everyone seemed to love working on it - and there were, more or less, 85 children involved - with a staggering age range of 4-16 years.  The story-line/characters and music just seemed to appeal to everyone - which is quite unusual.  Thank you for producing such a great piece of theatre.  Samantha Oliver

Nagoya International School, JAPAN 2009

Our school performed the Dream Dealer to rave reviews from parents, teachers and students.
It was a middle school performance and the students were all between the ages of 11-14. They did a great job with the roles and were able to easily identify with the various characters. They enjoyed all the songs and learned the singing parts so well. Our Dream Dealer and Flake were both brilliant - and I think the show did wonders for their confidence and future interest in theatre.
I actually directed the show (and played Mr T) and just had a blast! I had comments from various staff that it was the best musical our school had ever put on. For me, it's so good to have material that has a relevant message to young people.
Thanks again for making an excellent show to work with!
Matt Hughes
Nagoya International School

Reidy Park Primary School, Mt Gambier South, AUSTRALIA 2009

It was great to get a show that was aimed at the 10-14 year olds. We struggle every year to find a show that our students will enjoy and not find too 'young' and 'corny'. But, not be too old for them with adult concepts. Our students who were a part of the show really enjoyed the music and were easily able to understand the concepts of friendship and bullying. We have looked at some more high school shows but they just don't fit our 'middle school' aged students.
Well done and great writing.
There was a good variety of roles for the students from a few lines to
major characters. I must admit we changed a few of the roles slightly as
we had about 90% female cast (and not very strong males actors).
We have a very, very limited budget for our show and so it was great to
produce the Dream Dealer.
We used the backing tracks which were great and had a full sound. (Some
shows we have looked at have tracks that sound like an inexpensive
keyboard only). The students were able to pick up the songs very quickly.

It is a great show, congratulations on what you have achieved.
Andrew Bone
Performing Arts Teacher Reidy Park Primary School

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2006  The show was awarded a Fringe sell-out show logo. see reviews Edinburgh Festival

The Chipping Norton Youth Theatre.  2005

Parents' comments

 "It was the best two weeks of his life."                                        "The music was beautiful."                                                             "By the time he had finished the play he was a different child, it had given him back his life and confidence and even our friends could see a difference with him."

Jo Higgins. Youth Theatre Director: 

"What a great experience for those children.  Demanding a wide range of skills, THE DREAM DEALER is a wonderful piece of Young People's theatre.  The Project allowed the young people to take their work to a different level."   

Some comments following previous performances.

You gave the children a powerful voice. It says something important with clarity and humour. I cried and laughed …”          Maria Friedman. Singer/Actress.

“I particularly admired the strong moral story, entertainingly told and the great songs …it will become the perfect production for school groups everywhere in the English speaking world.”          Barry Humphries. (Dame Edna)

 “This is a witty, literate, entertaining show which has an important message to get over and manages to do so without ever being preachy or patronising…a real achievement.”                              Carol MetcalfeArtistic Director of The Bridewell Theatre, London

…they have made the hardest form of theatre look easy, and done it in a way that is accessible not just to the young, but to anyone who has ever been young. Thought provoking. A real treat."       Thea Sharrock. Artistic Director of The Gate Theatre, London.

"I write in high regard for the quality, entertaining values, and excellence of THE DREAM DEALER.  It is joyful and entertaining as children are but also as serious and threatening as the problems and vicissitudes children sometimes face when things go wrong. Yes it is a musical with a message."                                          Stewart W Little.  Founding Director of the Theatre Development Fund, New York and member of the Tony Nominating Committee.